Pay Our Military Act- Government Shutdown

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Pay Our Military Act

A bill that was signed into law only a few hours before the shutdown has allowed some of the furloughed military employees to begin receiving pay again.

Colonel Greg Hapgood of the Iowa National Guard speaks on the current issues.

About one thousand federal technicians were furloughed October 1st when the government shutdown took place. As of October 7, this was no longer the case.

The government shutdown has different affects on military personnel depending on their status in the military.

One hundred and seventy one stateside commissaries reopened this week despite the government shutdown.

The Pay Our Military Act is a federal law that provides funds in order for the United States Armed Forces to be paid even in the event of a government shutdown.

Other than the Pay Our Military Act, which was something congress could agree upon. The rest of the government shutdown is still in place.

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