Food Insecurity

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Food Insecurity Promo


(Full article audio below)

Food insecurity is a big issue in the United States today. And many people tend to ignore it. I spoke with Drake University Professor Michael Haedicke, DMARC Pantry Network Director Rebecca Whitlow, and Urbandale Pantry Director Eileen Boggess.



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3 Comments to “Food Insecurity”

  1. Denise Wullner

    Great Job Shelby! sometimes your forget about what is happening in your own backyard and with the holidays approaching this is good timing..

    • ShelbyBrink

      Thank you! Yes exactly what everyone was saying when I did this.

      When I was at the food pantry there were actually people there to pick up their thanksgiving meal boxes.

  2. Deb Pladsen

    Great piece! First time I heard you on the radio! :)

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